Learning Love – Release Coming Soon!

I am beyond thrilled to announce my upcoming EP, “Learning Love” and reveal the cover art (masterfully designed by Eric Carroll).

Learning Love is a collection of five songs from my favorite songwriters, performed in an intimate setting of voice and piano. They all explore some aspect of love, whether romantic, familial, or friendship, and celebrate the joys, excitement, frustration, chaos, and self-discovery that are all a part of the journey.

Learning Love also has a subtext, and that is my own personal journey through this process. For years, I have wanted to start recording, but I have always talked myself out of it for various reasons, usually stemming from anxiety and insecurity. But, the past couple years have gifted me with a growing desire to prioritize my health and happiness, and I am learning how to care for and support my own creativity instead of judging it and shoving it aside.

Then came the deadly pandemic. This, along with the loss of my brother David this summer, brought home to me the undeniable truth – that we are only gifted a precious little amount of time on this earth, and no one knows when our time is up. Friends, there is no time but now, and no day but today (with love to Jonathan Larson).

And so, Learning Love was born. It will be released very soon – stay tuned for updates!

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